Build 120

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Build 120 patch notes:
Today’s build has a new musical score and sound effects! A big thanks to Rance for composing the music/sound fx and to Will for integrating the new sound library into the game. The music is location dependent. There are many different sound effects for opening/closing/moving/creating/consuming things. Mobs also have distinct fighting sounds. You can adjust the volume properties via the menu->options window. The changes are another step toward polishing the game. Enjoy!

NOTE: Numerous players have experienced issues trying to log in. Clearing your cache seems to resolve the problem.

Also, for those interested in the technical side of the game, we integrated a Java Sound library written by Paul Lamb.

120 days and 37,512 lines of code later we’ve reached the 4 month mark. Alpha testing has been going on for about 5 weeks now and we’ve had nearly 750 people play TCD! Thanks to everyone who’s played, given feedback, and helped out with the game!

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