Build 125

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build 125 patch notes:

[bugfix] dagger was listed twice in copper golem lore window.

[bugfix] resolved issue where kill rights could be granted even in no security areas

[change] reduced number of uses for coin recipes

[change] lowered ore requirements for coin recipes

[change] higher level monsters now have a better chance of dropping essences (especially beholders and above to help compensate for their difficulty)

[change] it now costs fewer essences to increase health & stamina (the increases now comes at every +20 instead of every +10)

[change] increased health/stamina potion recipe drop rate

[change] decreased health/stamina potion recipe number of uses

[change] decreased teleportation potion drop rates for beholders

[change] increased deathward potion drop rates for ancient ents

[change] increased chance to get a teleportation/deathward recipe

[change] reduced teleportation/death ward potion recipe max uses

[change] pressing the esc key returns focus to the map

[bugfix] minor lore typos

[bugfix] performing a spit stack on a full bag item would cause the bag to become unusable

[bugfix] resolved issue where splitting a stack inside a corpse could result in a loss of the new stack on rare occassions

[change] corpse/bag/bank/reclamation center windows are now brought to the front when the window contents are refreshed

[bugfix] resolved an issue where a rare chain of events could strip the ownership flag from items stored inside bags rendering them invisible to the owner

[change] some serverside changes for better long-term item tracking

[change] new players cannot attack other players until they aquire at least 10 karma (karma bonuses from items do not count toward this total)

[added] minimalist “jump to page” feature in the market

[added] page up/page down can now be used to navigate market pages

[change] double clicking on the same item stack now repeatedly activates the item. For example you can now continue double clicking on a stack of potions and every second click will use an additional potion.

[feature] inventory hotkeys are now setup by default for new players

[bugfix] resolved issue where it was possible to manipulate items inside corpses from another dungeon

[feature] players now receive an event log message when entering a crevasse denoting how many monsters are inside

[feature] players now receive an event log when the last monster in a crevasse dies

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