Build (let’s called it 133)

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[change] the ratio of + stats to – stats on items is now more heavily weighted to the + side for higher level/meta level monsters.
[change] the maximum number of how much additional stats a new item/recipe can spawn has been somewhat increased.  The change is skewed toward higher level/meta level monters.
[change] the chances of finding higher level items has been increased. previously only the highest level legendary and WEMs could spawn max level items.  Not all legendary and WEM creatures have a chance of spawning a max level item.  Higher level creatures have a much better chance than low level monsters.
[change] essence reclamation rate increased slightly.  Higher level items have significantly improved odds of producing an essence.

These changes should help improve the quality and level of items faster than was happening.  Currently there are only eight level 6 items in existence.  They were generated about 7 months ago. Thus items were not evolving over time as desired.  Items should now spawn with more positive stats and fewer negative ones.  This should make looting legendary/WEM creatures less frustrating than before.  Also only the rarest legendary (and non-existent WEM) creatures could spawn max level items.  This has been fixed.  Now nearly legendary/WEM creatures have a chance of spawning a max level item.  The chances are low for the easier creatures, but steadily improve on the more difficult legendary/WEM creatures.  Also the maximum positive/negative stats that can be generated on an item has been increased slightly so somewhat more powerful items can be found than before.  The change is not huge, but it should help the items evolve a bit faster over time.  Finally the conversion rate of colored items into essences has been increased slightly.  Note that higher level items have always had a higher success rate when reclaiming them.

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