Build 136

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Build 136:

[bugfix] resolved issue where corpses could be looted twice in some cases.

[change] added ability for permanent spawn locations.

[change] Players can now create multiple accounts.

[change] login text to state multiple accounts can be created

[change] show number of death ward potions already used at login

[balance] WEM spawn rate doubled

[change] WEMs can now spawn as all 40 monster types instead of just the 15 lowest types

[change] WEM type is now displayed in event log messages.

[change] WEM type now determines how far they start from town. IE WEM ents now spawn within 50 tiles of town. Gold dragons spawn near the far edges of the world.

[change] A Global event message is now sent to all logged in players when a player is killed.

[change] add names for higher karma levels (ie 500/600/700/800/900/1000 karma)

[change] add special colours for very high karma level

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