Build 142

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[bugfix] item reclamation now takes into account item level (like it used to). Thus higher level items (relative to the max level for that item type) have higher % chances of turning into essenses. The rate was way too low before.

[balance] higher level mobs now have increased chance to drop items

[balance] new highest level items are now more likely to be found from higher level monsters. Conversely low level/high meta level (I.E. legendary ents) are now less likely to spawn max/near max level items.

[bugfix] minor naming bug with newly spawned WEMs (persists until server restart)

[bugfix] monster level wasn’t always being correctly applied to loot generation, essense drop rates from mobs, and stack sizes

[bugfix] WEMs were only spawning SE from town!

[surprise] existing WEMs are assembling where bad players go!

[change] players are now rewarded for clearing all monsters from a crevasse!

[bugfix] 3 old bugged crevasse openings were removed! Thanks to players for pointing them out!


[bugfix] items were sometimes evolving with no change in stats.

[update] added SEBlogs terrain tile packs 1&2. Thanks SEBlog! (this was done awhile ago, but i forgot to put it into the notes)

[bugfix] some new items had recipes ingredients from old bugged recipes


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