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Build 136

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Build 136:

[bugfix] resolved issue where corpses could be looted twice in some cases.

[change] added ability for permanent spawn locations.

[change] Players can now create multiple accounts.

[change] login text to state multiple accounts can be created

[change] show number of death ward potions already used at login

[balance] WEM spawn rate doubled

[change] WEMs can now spawn as all 40 monster types instead of just the 15 lowest types

[change] WEM type is now displayed in event log messages.

[change] WEM type now determines how far they start from town. IE WEM ents now spawn within 50 tiles of town. Gold dragons spawn near the far edges of the world.

[change] A Global event message is now sent to all logged in players when a player is killed.

[change] add names for higher karma levels (ie 500/600/700/800/900/1000 karma)

[change] add special colours for very high karma level

Build 135

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There’s a small client patch for today.  There are now 3  sprites for each monster type.  Meta level 1/2 share a sprite, meta level 3/4 share another sprite, and meta level 5/6 (legendary/wem) share a third sprite.  Note there is currently a bug and the small combat popup window only shows the base sprite.  I have to change something server side to correct this issue.  Thanks again to SEBlog for working on the graphics for this!


Build 134

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Market orders now disappear after 2 weeks on the market.  Any items you had listed previously will need to be removed from the market and then re added.  This should cut down on market clutter.

FYI. the last update from days back temporarily removed pvp as there are a number of unresolved bugs with it.  Once a sensible solution is found to make pvp work as I would like it to it will be readded.

Build (let’s called it 133)

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[change] the ratio of + stats to – stats on items is now more heavily weighted to the + side for higher level/meta level monsters.
[change] the maximum number of how much additional stats a new item/recipe can spawn has been somewhat increased.  The change is skewed toward higher level/meta level monters.
[change] the chances of finding higher level items has been increased. previously only the highest level legendary and WEMs could spawn max level items.  Not all legendary and WEM creatures have a chance of spawning a max level item.  Higher level creatures have a much better chance than low level monsters.
[change] essence reclamation rate increased slightly.  Higher level items have significantly improved odds of producing an essence.

These changes should help improve the quality and level of items faster than was happening.  Currently there are only eight level 6 items in existence.  They were generated about 7 months ago. Thus items were not evolving over time as desired.  Items should now spawn with more positive stats and fewer negative ones.  This should make looting legendary/WEM creatures less frustrating than before.  Also only the rarest legendary (and non-existent WEM) creatures could spawn max level items.  This has been fixed.  Now nearly legendary/WEM creatures have a chance of spawning a max level item.  The chances are low for the easier creatures, but steadily improve on the more difficult legendary/WEM creatures.  Also the maximum positive/negative stats that can be generated on an item has been increased slightly so somewhat more powerful items can be found than before.  The change is not huge, but it should help the items evolve a bit faster over time.  Finally the conversion rate of colored items into essences has been increased slightly.  Note that higher level items have always had a higher success rate when reclaiming them.

Build >132

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I added SEBlogs icon pack this morning with his essence icons. There were also a couple other minor changes in the client that were done about 6 months ago but never released. I think one of them was fixing some mixed up monster sounds.

That’s all.


Build 132

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Just a couple bugfixes for today:
[bugfix] resolved issue where criminals could not use teleportation potions
[bugfox] resolved issue where criminals could not move in dungeons

Build 126

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build 126:

[bugfix] context menu for bags located inside banks lacked an “Open” option

[change] removed some of the higher end mobs from spawning as WEMS because they are currently unkillable by players (there’s a rebalancing coming that should resolve this issue)

[change] monsters will now retarget less often than before. This should allow for more strategic fighting when players are fighting in groups.

[change] the 3 existing world event monsters had their damage reduced so they can be killed. New ones that spawn should be killable by players.

Build 125

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build 125 patch notes:

[bugfix] dagger was listed twice in copper golem lore window.

[bugfix] resolved issue where kill rights could be granted even in no security areas

[change] reduced number of uses for coin recipes

[change] lowered ore requirements for coin recipes

[change] higher level monsters now have a better chance of dropping essences (especially beholders and above to help compensate for their difficulty)

[change] it now costs fewer essences to increase health & stamina (the increases now comes at every +20 instead of every +10)

[change] increased health/stamina potion recipe drop rate

[change] decreased health/stamina potion recipe number of uses

[change] decreased teleportation potion drop rates for beholders

[change] increased deathward potion drop rates for ancient ents

[change] increased chance to get a teleportation/deathward recipe

[change] reduced teleportation/death ward potion recipe max uses

[change] pressing the esc key returns focus to the map

[bugfix] minor lore typos

[bugfix] performing a spit stack on a full bag item would cause the bag to become unusable

[bugfix] resolved issue where splitting a stack inside a corpse could result in a loss of the new stack on rare occassions

[change] corpse/bag/bank/reclamation center windows are now brought to the front when the window contents are refreshed

[bugfix] resolved an issue where a rare chain of events could strip the ownership flag from items stored inside bags rendering them invisible to the owner

[change] some serverside changes for better long-term item tracking

[change] new players cannot attack other players until they aquire at least 10 karma (karma bonuses from items do not count toward this total)

[added] minimalist “jump to page” feature in the market

[added] page up/page down can now be used to navigate market pages

[change] double clicking on the same item stack now repeatedly activates the item. For example you can now continue double clicking on a stack of potions and every second click will use an additional potion.

[feature] inventory hotkeys are now setup by default for new players

[bugfix] resolved issue where it was possible to manipulate items inside corpses from another dungeon

[feature] players now receive an event log message when entering a crevasse denoting how many monsters are inside

[feature] players now receive an event log when the last monster in a crevasse dies

Build 120

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Build 120 patch notes:
Today’s build has a new musical score and sound effects! A big thanks to Rance for composing the music/sound fx and to Will for integrating the new sound library into the game. The music is location dependent. There are many different sound effects for opening/closing/moving/creating/consuming things. Mobs also have distinct fighting sounds. You can adjust the volume properties via the menu->options window. The changes are another step toward polishing the game. Enjoy!

NOTE: Numerous players have experienced issues trying to log in. Clearing your cache seems to resolve the problem.

Also, for those interested in the technical side of the game, we integrated a Java Sound library written by Paul Lamb.

120 days and 37,512 lines of code later we’ve reached the 4 month mark. Alpha testing has been going on for about 5 weeks now and we’ve had nearly 750 people play TCD! Thanks to everyone who’s played, given feedback, and helped out with the game!

Build 119

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build 119:
increased essence requirements for skillgain (health and stamina excluded from the new requirements)
lowered recovery rate for item reclamation
increased percent chance that items will have + modifiers instead of – modifiers
increased the chance that new item names will aquire a second prefix and a suffix