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Build 118

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Build 118 patch notes:
[update] image updates from krumple
[bugfix] with chat tab ordering defaulting to the wrong channel
[bugfix] multiple login dialogs no longer appear if a player idles at the login screen
[change] add extra info to login dialog
[feature] ability to change account passwords ingame
[feature] ability to add email address ingame for account recovery
[change] chat window & event log are now positioned near the center of the screen on clients with extremely low resolutions
[bugfix] bug allowed players who ran out of premium time to remain in the premium area
[feature] added a /roll feature to chat. performs a d100 dice roll serverside and broadcasts the results to all players in the channel

Build 117

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Build 117 patch notes:

[update] images from krumple

[change] a greater variety of monster types can spawn for the world event

[change] the names are WEM are now shown in the event log when they spawn

[bugfix] adjusted all the old bugged +5 stamina regen gloves. existing gloves still have the modifier, but new gloves will have to work their way back up from +1 stamina regen.

[bugfix] small areas of the non-premium part of the world were incorrectly flagged as premium.

[added] ability to open bags inside the bank

[added] ability to drag items into/out of bags inside the bank

[added] ability to stack items into and out banks/bags

[added] ability to split stacks inside bags/banks/corpses

[added] ability to sell/trade items from bags

[change] bags containing items can no longer be sold on the market

[bugfix] ownership flag for items inside bags is now being correctly applied when the bag is moved

[bugfix] traded bags containing items should now correctly apply the ownership flag to the new owner

[feature] ability to name bags

[bugfix] rare packet out of range error

Build 116

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Build 116 patch notes:
[change] further tweaks to the loot drop randomness from mosnters.
[change] increased percent change of magical items aquiring a second prefix and a suffix in the name.
[bugfix] players should all have the same maximum movement speed now.
[change] increased stamina burn while fighting
[bugfix] lore typo
[change] increased chances that lengendary and world event monsters can have health & stamina regeneration
[change] most of the monster attributes were adjusted.  In general monsters now deal less damage.  To compensate they have higher defenses on average.  They will likely need further tweaking in the future.  Approach monsters with caution under you are comfortable with the changes.  Please note that higher meta level mobs (yellow, orange, red, and purple) can still end up with very nasty modifiers!  Overall though the changes should drastically reduce the chances of being one-shotted by mobs.  With their higher defenses however it might take multiple players to kill some of the more difficult monsters.
[change] drop rates for weapons/armor/cloaks/jewelry was increased by approx. 35% for all monsters.  With the new loot system higher level and higher meta level monsters should drop higher quality items more oftne now.
[feature] a mysterious traveller setup shop in town.  He offers a chance to reclaim essences from your unwanted magical items.
[feature] there is now a second route into the distant lands via the road to the south.  The monsters to the south are not as harsh as the monsters to the west and might provide a smoother transition for players wanting to explore the distant lands.
[feature] player lists in chatrooms are now alphabetized
[feature] enabled potion use notices in client

Note: all monsters were despawned.  The new monsters will have the new stats. The server will likely be slow for about an hour or so while the server despawns/repawns dungeons and populates the world with monsters!

Build 115

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Build 115 patch notes:
[bugfix] the item level of drops from monsters was not being correctly randomized.  Thus it’s now possible to get a much broader range of item levels (white, blue, green, purple, gold, etc) from monsters than before.  Previously a given monster would only drop a single level of items (IE a legendary ent would only drop purples).  This was not the intended effect.  The same legendary ent now has a small chance to drop anything from whites to golds or better.  This bug was also likely causing the maximum item level in the world (currently level 5) to increase slower than intended.
[bugfix] spelling error in death notification window
[bugfix] copper golems and goblins had short swords listed twice as a loot type
[bugfix] resolved issue where some windows were taller than the screen.  the titlebar would be pushed offscreen making the window unclosable.
[bugfix] resolved longstanding bug with server sending null packets
[bugfix] fixed bug where will was able to crash the server
[bugfix] resolved issue where some inventory/bank/corpse items would appear invisible.  The item existed and the slot was occupied, but the item couldn’t be seen or interacted with.
[bugfix] reflecting ponds could sometimes spawn on border lava tiles inside crevasses
[bugfix] resolved issue with players being teleported as criminals when they weren’t actually criminals
[added] admins can now unmute players
[change] combat now uses stamina

Build 114

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114 patch notes:
[bugfix] resolved issue where some new users were unable to create accounts
[change] monsters grew tired of adventurers who hide behind walls of corpses to avoid being struck.  They have adapted.

Yesterday was also day 30 of alpha testing!  The game has come a long way in the last month.  Thanks to everyone who has been part of our growing community.

Build 113

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Build 113 patch notes:
[bugfix] removed multiple chat depart messages for players who exit the game unexpectedly
[change] lowered MTU for players who were having issues with truncated packets
[change] player corpse decay increased from 1 day to 7 days.
[change] new magical item attribute randomness was increased a bit
[added] beholders can now drop teleporation potions (and recipes which require 4 different ingredients)
[added] ancient ents can now drop death ward potions (and recipes which require 5 different ingrdients)
[added] an event message is sent to all players when a world event (WE) monster dies
[added] event log notifies premium players how much premium time they have at login
[change] the market window is now resizeable for better name/price readability
[change] partially fixed with where on rare occassions a dead players corpse would be invisible
[bugfix] tokens will no longer drop from bags on death
[change] increased chance that a new item recipe will require an additional ingredient type
[change] doubled the chance of potion and coin recipe drops. halfed the number of uses for the recipes

Notes regarding teleportation potions: you can bind them to any spot in the world.  Stand on the location you wish to set as your teleport point.  Right click on a potion in your inventory (but not in a bag) and choose “Bind.” If successful it will give you an event log notice stating where the potion is now bound to.  If you mouse over the potion it will also give the coordinates of where it’s bound to.  You can also bind a stack of potions.  If you split stack both stacks will still be bound to the same location.  If you combine stacks, the stack you add to is the binding that is used for the new stack.  You can also remove bindings by right clicking on the potion and choosing “Unbind.”  These are very powerful because you can teleport anywhere in the world.  As a result they are also very expensive in terms of ingredient costs.  The costs will likely need to be adjusted in the future.  Currently beholders are the only monsters who can drop the potions (and thus the potion recipe).  The ingredients are very common ones.

Death ward: the death ward potion bestows a chance of keeping all of your items upon death.  You can right click “use” on one of these potions.  It grants a 50% chance to respawn with all of your gear intact.  You can stack the effects.  If you use 2 it’s 75% chance, if you use 3 it’s 87% chance and so on.  Only ancient ents drop these potions (and thus the recipes).  The recipe requires 5 different ingredients to make.  Like the teleportation potion these are very powerful and are designed to be _very_ expensive.  If they turn out to be not expensive enough I will adjust their cost accordingly.

These are just 2 of the new potions in the new alchemy update.  Other potions are forthcoming!


Build 111

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patch notes:

[udpate] many terrain tile graphical updates from krumple.  Also some other item/monster graphics updates.
[added] your corpse locations are now displayed at login; corpses are displayed oldest to newest.
[change] removed destroy open for tokens
[added] essences (explained below)

There was a major addition in today’s build.  There are now various kinds of “essence” that can be looted from dead monsters.  Each essence has a given attribute (IE health, piercing attack, backstab defense, etc).  If you consume one of these essences you will gain a permanent increase in that attribute!  There is no limit to the number of essenses you can use.  They are rare drops however.  Also, the more of a given essense that you use, the greater the number of essences you will need to increase that attribute further.  For example, it might only take 1 essence of piercing attack to increase permanently increase your piercing attack up for the first 10 times you use one.  On the 11th time however, it will require 2 essenses of piercing attack in order to gain the +11 bonus.  It works similarly for all essence types.

This is a new system.  I added it because the game needed additional ways for players to customize their character.  Also, many players did not like the fact that the loot was the only thing that would affect their attributes.  Since all of your items drop on death, many were discouraged.  I added this system to aleviate those issues.

This is substantial change to the gameplay.  It might be too overpowered it could also be underpowered, or it might be just right.  We need to test it then get player feedback to see how it feels.  If everyone hates this new system, i’m not totally opposed to removing it.   If you do not like the new essence addition, or if you think it’s out of balance please don’t hesistate go give me your feedback!  Please keep the comments constructive however.

I also added another tab to the market for players who wish to buy or sell essences.


Build 109

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Build 109 patch notes:

[feature] added lore for all monster types (a big thanks to Rance for working on this project!)
[change] decreased each security zone radius from 200 to 100.  This means places more than 400 tiles of the start point is now an open pvp area (it was previously 800 tiles)
[change] criminals are no longer allowed in secure areas.  criminals are now respawned near a new lava town in the no-security zone.  Note: players are not allowed to create new accounts to avoid their criminal status.
[change] criminal status now occurs at -200 karma instead of -300 karma.
[change] some of the karma titles
[graphics] updated belt graphics, new club graphic, updated fur, updated hatchets, updated iron ore, 3 fixed terrain tiles, updated bridge tiles.
[added] extra security measures to prevent multiple account creation/logins from a single player.
[bugfix] resolved issue where higher level recipes would sometimes require stacks of the base type.  Since the base type wasn’t stackable the they couldn’t be crafted.
[change] recipes now have a small chance or requiring an additional ingredient type to craft.
[bugfix] private messages sent between players were being logged in the databse as chat messages.  Only public chat channel messages were supposed to be logged.  The bug was fixed and all private messages players sent each other were delete from the server.
[change] recipes now have a maximum numbers of uses before they are no longer usable.  Potion and coins recipes are very high.  Weapons and armor are very.  Note that recipes can be duped using reflecting ponds.  The remaining number of uses is listed in the recipe tools and lore windows. all existing recipes had uses added to them.
[bugfix] items inside bags were not removing the ownership flag of the deceased causing the new owner to be unable to remove the items.
[change] players will now respawn with their chipped dagger after death!
[added] number of world events to stats page on the website.
[added] current world events are now displayed at login.
[change] world event monsters now give more karma than others.
[change] legendary creatures now have a low chance of dropping a token.  World event creatures have a good chance of dropping a token.
[bugfix] player weights were not being updated after successful player to player trading
[feature] hotkeys can now be removed
[feature] hotkeys are now remembered between sessions
[change] player corpses now decay after 24 hours.
[bugfix] all old bugged player corpses were removed.  If you find another player corpse with inmovable items, please report the corpse coordinates!
[added] static tree and rock textures from krumple as requested by the world builders.

Please note that there are likely to be multiple restarts int he next couple hours for the typical post-patch bugfixes!

edit: if you have one of the old bugged recipes and it will not allow you to craft with it please bring it to me ingame and i can fix it for you!

I ask for your support

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I meant to make this post earlier, but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time.

I didn’t make this game to get rich. I made this game because I love games. I live a very frugal lifestyle. I don’t need much to get by. Like everyone else though life costs money. The server isn’t free, and really we need two servers so the web/wiki/blog and testing can be on a seperate machine.

There’s also a matter of time. I’ve worked on The Chipped Dagger for 106 days now. Of those I took exactly 1 week off where I didn’t work o it at all. Beyond that though I work on the game 7 days a week. Yesterday I put in almost 19 hours of work.

I used to work for Microsoft. I left because I hated it there. I’ve also worked for a number of other software companies over the years. I never really liked what I did. Writing banking software or tax software or document management software isn’t much fun. The jobs paid well, but I prefer to be my own boss.

I believe I’ve put about 1,200 hours into this project. I’ve done it out of love for game and not for the money. As they say “it’s a hard way to make an easy living.” If i wanted a big paycheck I’m sure I could have my job at Microsoft back. I don’t want that.

I want to make games, but I cannot work for free. I can work for about minimum wage, but I simply cannot do it for free. I wouldn’t expect the guy at the grocery store to show up to his job everyday and never get paid, and I would hope others wouldn’t expect me to show up at my job everyday and never earn a dime.

I say this speaking for myself, and the issue is similar for krumple. He’s put a tremendous amount of work into the game, but he cannot pour all of his energy into the forever without at least a little compensation for his time.

Finally, the server admin will is a good friend of mine. Although you guys don’t see any of the work he does, he does a lot to keep the game running. I’m not a linux expert nor am I a systems administrator. If I had been paying him for all his time up to this point, the game wouldn’t be online because he would have broke me long ago.

I don’t want you to feel sorry for me. This is exactly what I want to do: games. I’m very happy to be doing this fulltime.

I know the game isn’t finished. It’s not anywhere close to being done. It has a long road ahead of it. It’s long enough though that I would not be able to work on it for the entire lifecycle without any supporters. I would run out of money long before then. I could go back to working for a big software company, and just do this on the side, but the game would never get the attention it needs or deserves.

So I have to make a choice. Either go back to working for someone, or trying to get some supporters. I don’t need much to survive, but I do need some. I know there are many high quality games out there. I know you have lots of choices of which games to play. I’m very happy that you are spending your time here!

My plan all along was to have 2 parts to the game. A free part and a premium part. For those players who don’t wish to pay for a game, or cannot afford to pay for a game you can play forever for free. For those who want to go to the more remote areas of the world, I hope you will consider supporting the game.

I’m not expecting anyone to pay. If you don’t want to pay that’s fine as well. I do ask one thing of you though: please don’t ask me to work for free. I don’t expect you to go to your job everyday and never earn a paycheck, and I don’t want other people to expect me to work everyday and no collect a paycheck. It’s only fair.

If you decide to support TCD your money isn’t going to be going to making my Ferrari payment, it will go to ensuring that I can keep working on the game and continue to make it better.

Also, as an extra special thank you to those who decide to support the game during its development there is a gift. I haven’t put it in game yet, but I will do that when I get a chance. The gift will carry over even after the game is officially released. It’s a token of my (and krumple’s) appreciation for your support.


Build 106

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[bugfix] resolved issue with failed chat PM where the old one remained open
[bugfix] resolved rare case where player avatar could be overwritten by a monster in the map window (display bug)
[bugfix] current health/stamina no long exceeds max health/stamina when equipping or unequipping items
[change] recent seismic activity caused cracks in the ground to grow larger.
[change] water is seeping into into the underground caverns.
[change] recent reports indicate crevasses are more dangerous now.
[change] legendary creatures are evil.
[change] mobs will take notice of your arrival into a dungeon.
[feature] added tokens tab to the market.
[feature] players can now delete items inside corpses.
[feature] world events!