What is the Chipped Dagger?

Chipped Dagger is a 2D MMORPG written in Java.

What is a MMORPG?

MMORPG stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.  MMOs are games where hundreds (or even thousands) of players can play online together.

What is Java?

Java is a modern programming language used to write programs for Windows/Mac OSX/Linux PCs, smart phones, and many other devices.

Aren’t “real” games made in C/C++?

Mostly yes, but Java games run on windows/OSX/Linux without needing to be ported.

Where did the name “Chipped Dagger” come from?

This forum post provided the inspiration for the name of The Chipped Dagger.

It seems like everyone is making a MMORPG these days, why should someone play this one?

There are many great MMOs on the market that cater to many different types of players.  Still, many interesting features rarely seem to make their ways into these games.  The game features page details the differences between The Chipped Dagger and most other MMOs.

Is The Chipped Dagger free to play (F2P) or pay to play (P2P) or something else?

Both.  You can play for free forever.  There are additional areas of the world available to premium players. 

There are lots of free to play games out there.  Why should I pay for something I can get for free?

Most “free” MMOs really aren’t free.  Some have intrusive and annoying ads.  Many others have “item malls” where you can buy ingame items for real money.  While the items malls are optional, those games are designed in such as way that you are compelled to purchase items from the item mall in order to compete/participate in the game.  I’m not interested in selling you a king sword of haste or a blue wizard hat.

Nearly all new MMOs are 3D, so why is this game 2d?

The most expensive part of modern 3D MMOs is the graphics.  Not the engine itself, but all of the 3D models, skinning, and animation that goes into making one look good.  The cost of making a 3D MMO can exceed $100 million today.  This problem is only getting worse.  Cutting-edge graphics is a nice plus for a game, but it’s not the only thing an MMO has to offer.  It’s nearly impossible for an independent gave developer to compete on graphics against billion-dollar game companies.  We can, however, compete on gameplay.

How big is the game download?

The game is only about 25 MB in size.  The game can be launched directly from the website.  The game does not require an installer to play.

So is this a subscription based game then? 

Not exactly.  There is exactly one item players can purchase on the website:  Tokens.  A token grants a player 1 day of gametime in the premium areas of the world.  You are free to purchase as many or as few tokens as you like.

Do I have to buy tokens?


Are the tokens tradeable?


Do you drop tokens when you die?


Can I buy or sell tokens on the market in game?


Speaking of dropping stuff, does this game have player vs. player (PvP) combat?

Yes!  The Chipped Dagger has “full-loot” PvP.  Thus, when you die all the items on your character fall to the ground (well almost all since tokens don’t drop).

Can other players take my stuff when I die?


Why is this game full-loot when “everbody” hates full loot games?

Someone needs to cater to the hardcore gamers who want a full-loot game.

Can I dual wield?


Do players play in different worlds (shards)?

All players play in the same world.

Are there dungeons?


Are the dungeons instanced?


How big is the world?

The overworld is more than 16 million tiles.

How many and how big are the dungeons?

There are about 1,000 randomly generated/sized dungeons in existence at any time.

How many monsters are in the world?

Around 200,000 alive and well at any point in time.

Is this game level based or class based?

Neither.  Class-based games are generally very restrictive.  Level-based games tend to devolve into horrible grind fests.  The Chipped Daggers takes a different approach to character advancement.

Is The Chipped Dagger a “sandbox” or “themepark” MMO?


Does The Chipped Dagger have player owned housing?


Can I customize my house?


Can I find new Items that have never been found before? Can I invent new items? Can I reverse-engineer an item i’ve aquired?

Yes, yes, and yes.