The Chipped Dagger features:

  • One seemless world (no sharding and no instancing).
  • Random dungeons (random location, random size, random monsters, and random treasures).
  • You can find new items.
  • Nearly everything in the world is craftable including the ability to mint coins!
  • PvP (you can attack anyone anywhere, but in some areas there are penalties for attacking).
  • Full loot PvP (if you can kill your opponent, you can loot his belongings).
  • No restrictive classes, no skill-by-use grinding.  Actually play the game instead of watching your XP bar or a countdown timer all day!
  • Monsters spawn in random locations at random times.  Overtime they migrate.  No more spawn camping.
  • 200,000 monsters roaming the overworld and in dungeons!
  • A sandbox game instead of a themepark one.
  • Very low system requirements to play.  Nearly any modern computer with Java installed should do.
  • Bandwidth friendly.  The game can be played over a dialup connection.
  • Runs on Windows | Mac OSX | Linux | Solaris and maybe a couple other places where Java is installed.
  • Compared the multi-gigabyte downloads of many MMOs, this one is about 25 megabytes.

Planned Features:

  • You can invent new items!
  • You can reverse engineer an existing item.
  • Player owned housing.
  • Have an permanent impact on the world.  Place your house where you want to.  Setup markets where you want to.   Modify the terrain near your buildings.  Be remembered as the person who found (or invented) a legendary item!

The Chipped Dagger is not for everyone.  Yes it’s different, but in a good way.

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